Does Advanced Concepts in Plastic Surgery Do Permanent Makeup?

Yes. Advanced Concepts in Plastic Surgery located in South Euclid, Ohio at 1611 South Green Road, Suite 238, South Euclid, Ohio, 44121, US under Dr. Robert T. Stroup, M.D., FACS offers Permanent Makeup. Permanent makeup is designed to be just that … permanent.

We currently offer Eyeliner, Eyebrows, & Lip Color. For the patient desiring eyeliner, a fine, soft natural line can be created to add depth and definition to the eye and to make lashes appear thicker. The starting and ending point, color and thickness are a matter of individual preference. Many of our patients select a natural look that still allows them to occasionally apply other liner colors over the permanent line.

For the patient desiring permanent eyebrow makeup, the shape of your brows determined your natural expression. Permanent brow makeup is an ideal salutation for women whose brows are sparse, uneven, or too short or for those whose brows are very light in color, or who suffer from female pattern baldness.

Lip color can be added as a natural shade or a more dramatic blend of color to enhance your face and brighten your complexion with a look that lasts all day, every day. Lip liner and lip color are the perfect solution to reshape uneven lips, for making the lips appear larger and fuller, and for covering scars. There is also the added benefit of preventing lipstick from bleeding.